I don't know if this is the right forum....

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I don't know if this is the right forum....

Post by Uepari on Fri Oct 24, 2008 12:48 am

I don't know if this is the right forum to post this, but it seems like the most likely one...Anyway, I'm Uepari, and I'm new here. A friend of mine, who also does PACyber, directed me here, so here I am. This is a story I wrote for another website, and they thought it was rather good. The story is called Fate, and it is Bionicle, which is a Lego storyline. With that said, here goes...


Yougulo, Toa of Fire ran. His breath was bursting out of his lungs. While he ran, he remembered his late Toa team. Then, he heard running feet behind him. Heavy running feet. He knew he did not stand a chance against Jukop, the Great Hunter. Yougulo tripped, and the footsteps got louder. Yougula tried to stand, but felt piercing pain in his leg.

I must have broken it., He thought. Then, out of the bushes jumped a rogue Toa whose evil actions had caused him to turn into something even a Rahi Nui would fear. His mask was pitted and infected so even the Great Spirits couldn't cleanse it. He was roughly 8 feet tall, versus the usual six and a half feet of the average Toa on the island. He had a shield fashioned from the bones of a Rahi-Nui he hunted and killed, and an axe even the most insane Matoran could not dream of, made with the armor of his Toa victims. He had a powerful essence on him that not many could identify, but several could. It was the fear of his victoms, escpecially the Matoran whose skulls decorated his belt. It was hard for anyone to believe that, just days ago, he had been the most honorable Toa known. He walked over to Yougola, who faced his fate with his head held high.

Jukop simply said: "Meet my axe." Then, surprising Jukop, Yougola jumped up, stabbing the sharp butt of the axe into Jukops heartlight, but in the process, Yougolu was cleaved into two neat halves by the business end of the axe. Only one Matoran heard Jukops dying words. To this day, the Matoran shivers at the thought of the words, but also does not understand them. They were:

Fate has granted me power, and through power I may die, but return more powerful. I will rise again.


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